Keeping Yourself on Task – 6 recommendations


A major problem these days is staying on task. There are many people that because of biological or environmental reasons naturally have difficulty staying on task – and require treatment to correct for the problem. For a large number of us, the lack of inattention is the result of distraction, fatigue, or “information overload.” Often, either the sheer number of things we are responsible for, or the self chosen roles and obligations that are a part of our lives contributes to feeling disorganized, or even overwhelmed.

There are of course, many time management processes, and methods out there. There are also a plethora of behavioral strategies, and techniques. Despite this, often our lack of staying on task is not a failure to plan well enough or use the right approach. It is rather, our inability to define what is most important, and a tendency to spread ourselves out too thin. By nature, the average person wants to meet other’s needs and please others. It is often hard to say no, and we exercise a lack of personal discipline and resolve to do what is most important. At the same time, we are caught up in a series of things that begin to control the sequences of what we do, and ultimately how we feel. When fatigued with many things, the chances of keeping ourselves on task are more difficult. Further, avoidance or procrastination creates a huge gravity pull.

Here are some brief suggestions on how to keep on task:
1. Define what is most important.

2. Evaluate what processes, roles and other things need either eliminated, or reassigned

3. Pick 2-3 of the most important things to accomplish, no matter what.

4. Strongly (but) politely minimize your distractions.

5. Do what you say you’re going to, even a part of it. No excuses.

6. Look at what you do as a process. Everything doesn’t have to be done, work a process.

Learn ways to practice this, over and over. Evaluate your results.


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