The Remains of the Day – Learn to Celebrate Your Days

Often at the end of the day, there are times to pause and reflect. Reflection is a healthy activity if it can be married to instituting improvement. For many people, the painful nature of the day is a reminder that leads to avoidance. Emotional life for some is not an activity that has much value. Survival with basic human needs is most important.

How do we measure the importance of the day that we just wrapped up? Do we celebrate our victories, or do we commiserate about our failures? Do we attempt to put proper closure on our day, and use the information to learn what we need to do differently? Do we quietly appreciate the richness of what we participated in for this given day?

Celebrating our days should not be taken for granted. We should be appreciative for what we have, and learn to define the “remains of the day” as another gift that we can move forward to the next. I have found that looking at the day as how we added to something, or left something better off, should be viewed with appreciation and meaning.


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