Failing To Mentor – There Are No Excuses

Organizations that fail to mentor their low to mid-management risk creating a culture of mediocrity. As a new manager (or one that has transferred into that role) there is nothing more fortunate to have a competent mentor or senior manager, that can ensure the right things are done and that your role is practiced properly. The second most fortunate thing is having an organization that cares about its people enough to put experienced managers to mentor new staff and young managers.

There are organizations with the best intentions that simply do not adequately prepare those in leadership roles. Reasons for this are the following:

-No clear vision about the organization

-Placing the wrong people in leadership positions. “Peter Principle” – or those that are in over their head.

-Cronyism, protectionism, corruption

-Multiple or confusing management structures that engage in infighting and do not work together

-Dysfunctional values, or favoritism in the organization where there is no cohesion in the workforce.

-Inadequate supervision of line staff

Over time the effects of poor mentoring will affect the health and fabric of an organization. As a manager or leader, what are you doing to build the people that work for you?



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