Functional Unawareness in Organizations

An ever present problem in organizations is developing a lack of awareness. The idea of “functional unawareness” relates to the idea that units and individuals can function in a firm without knowing a problem exists.

What are the reasons for this?

>;;Work units and individuals don’t understand or have clarity about what they are doing.

>;;Staff are led poorly, or the environment is just too toxic for true awareness

>;;A lack of mentoring or coaching is neither available or provided.

>;;There is a culture of “Flying by the seat of your pants” in the organization that blocks off any serious inquiry organizationally or personally.

>;;The negative value system and lack of decorum and discipline dulls any sense of what is really going on.

Developing more awareness requires both an organizational willingness to inquire and get feedback, as well as individuals receiving good coaching. If practiced regularly, there is less possibility that our senses will dull, and the organization will suffer.

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