Keeping It Real

There is a pervasive problem in our society: A reluctance to keep it real. Denial, minimizing, fudging, or simply being engaged in presentation over substance are common methods to influence.

Those that engage in moving away from being real often do so for the following reasons:

1. A loss of personal control. Credibility is important, but those that shade reality about themselves often feel that something is slipping away from them.

2. Self-denial. It’s simply too painful to admit a mistake. The ego and sense of self are too sensitive.

3. Not knowing what you don’t know. Ignorance is a self protective and welcome state. Think about how many of us deny or block off the “knowing” associated with right eating, and lifestyle choices.

4. Our negative obsessions actually have control of us. In a sense there is a part of us “that does know” we are off the mark. The gravity pull of turning that situation around is perceived as too hard.

The main problem for living in fantasy, is that it often requires more energy to maintain the presentation, than to actually change it. Ultimately our facades will be seen through, and we will be at a crossroads. Achieving realness means a willingness to be real. Stop covering. Stop creating images that are not real. Begin the process of exploring who you really are.



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