10 Ways Leaders Move Others Ahead

Photo by the author

The Importance of Small Actions

The smallest actions can make the biggest difference. What may seem inconsequential could be the thing that moves another person along to something that is not initially known.

Giving and showing small appreciation for others can be a small private moment that is the tipping point that leads another to something better.

Leading others is a privilege.  Encountering others in our role, lends itself to unknown opportunities.

10 Ways Leaders Move Others Ahead

  1. Make every response a strength based moment
  2. Make a positive comment even when the feeling is negative 
  3. Find and name the qualities that make others valuable
  4. Show appreciation rather than enable
  5. Point out where actions are falling short, but where there is potential to correct
  6. Understand what others’ behavior means, rather than making a quick judgment 
  7. Give others a takeaway that holds value
  8. Talk about what is expected, participate in the process 
  9. Showcase others’ accomplishments 
  10. Find ways to serve the people that work for you.

Incorporating these humble actions is good for your leadership, but even better for those you lead.  The idea that you can exercise daily actions that move others forward is an exciting prospect.


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