Taking On Worry By Being A Better Problem Solver


Photo by the author 

If you worry a lot, then you probably need to get into more problem solving skills and behavior.  Humans are tied to knowing, and when something isn’t quite known, there is a tendency to gravitate toward anxiety or worry.  Obviously this does little to change the situation.

Worry squelches and cuts off your ability to use problem solving.  Working through something may require different levels of problem solving.  Often cutting through a problem means you have to think it is possible to solve it.

A problem solving process

  1. Define what is really the problem.  Use one or two words to label it.
  2. Think of all the evidence you have that “won’t support” your original worry.
  3. Come up with exceptions when the problem didn’t exist.  What was happening? 
  4. Gather if needed other expertise, resources, or skills that will potentially solve the problem.
  5. Choose your options and apply one or more approaches.

Worry is only an unproductive dead end to a problem. It never leads to everything except more distress.  Moving effectively through worry requires a commitment toward constructive action and determination that other solutions exist.


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